Thursday, July 2, 2009

(MY041) Bombs against Pakistan police, govt workers kill 8

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – Two bombs targeting police and government workers killed up to eight people and wounded scores more Thursday — latest attacks to hit Pakistan as it battles Taliban insurgents near the border with Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a prominent militant commander in the northwest reportedly agreed to halt attacks on security forces there, a move that could help the army in its efforts to eliminate the Taliban leadership in the region.

The deadliest bombing took place in Rawalpindi, which lies next to the capital and is home to the headquarters of Pakistan's military

A suicide bomber riding a motorcycle slammed into a bus carrying defense department employees, killing up to six people and injuring 25 more, senior police official Rana Shahid said. A senior intelligence official told The Associated Press that the bus was carrying employees of the Pakistani military's weapons-making department.

(MY040) Andy Lau was ordered to pay 6.69 million Taiwan dollars

TAIPEI (AFP) – Hong Kong star Andy Lau lost an appeal against a Taiwanese airline and was ordered to pay 6.69 million Taiwan dollars (201,000 US) for damaging its helicopter during a film stunt, according to a court.

Taiwan's High Court upheld an earlier ruling against the actor and singer and increased the amount of compensation from 5.1 million Taiwan dollars as it used a different method to calculate the chopper's value, a court spokesman said.

Lau was found liable for brushing against the pitch stick of the chopper, loaned by Daily Air, before jumping out during the shooting of action flick "The Island of Greed" in Taiwan in 1997, the court said.

The move unsteadied the aircraft, which was in the air at the time, causing its rotor blade to hit lighting equipment.

Daily Air filed the suit in 1998 but a Taipei district court only handed down the verdict last year. The court said the case had dragged on because the defendants were in Hong Kong.

(MY039) Oil slips to US$67

LONDON, July 2 — Swelling gasoline stocks and a much bigger than expected rise in US unemployment drove oil markets down more than a dollar today to US$67 (RM237) a barrel.

In the latest signal the economy of the world’s biggest energy consumer was still week, data on Thursday showed US employers had cut 467,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate had risen to 9.5 per cent.

US crude fell US$2.02 to US$67.19 a barrel by 1300 GMT (9pm Malaysia). The contract settled 58 cents lower at US$69.31 yesterday.

London Brent crude dropped by US$1.78 to US$67.01.

“There’s a sense we’re breaking to the down-side because of weak economic data ... unemployment, house prices, lower stock markets,” said Christopher Bellew of Bache Commodities.

In addition he cited Wednesday’s US government inventory data that showed gasoline stockpiles in the United States rose by 2.3 million barrels last week.

Distillates, including diesel, also rose by 2.9 million barrels, although crude stocks dropped by 3.7 million barrels.

Traders viewed the increase in motor fuel ahead of the US July 4 Independence Day holiday — which traditionally marks the peak of the US summer driving season — as a symptom of continued demand weakness.

Some analysts are still relatively bullish, however, and say the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has been very successful in stabilising the market.

Oil has rallied from a low of US$32.40 in December last year to highs above US$70 a barrel in June, although it is only around half last July’s record of more than US$147.

Over the second quarter of this year it gained around 40 per cent — the strongest quarterly gain since 1990.

(MY038) gay sex was not a india

NEW DELHI, July 2 — An Indian court today ruled gay sex was not a crime, a verdict that will bolster demands by gay and health groups that the government scrap a British colonial law which bans homosexual sex.

In a country where public hugging and kissing even among heterosexuals invites lewd remarks and sometimes beatings, gay sex has been a taboo, leaving the government unsure how conservative Indians would react if the law was repealed.

The Delhi High Court’s ruling that homosexual sex among consenting adults is not a crime is expected to boost an increasingly vocal pro-gay lobby in India that says the British-era law was a violation of human rights.

The current law bans “sex against the order of nature”, and is widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex in India.

Gay rights activists hailed the court verdict as historic and many supporters of homosexuality were seen celebrating with sweets and smearing each other with vermilion.

“We have finally entered into the 21st century,” said Anjali Gopalan, leader of Naz Foundation, a leading health and gay rights lobby.

The ruling applies to all of India, but can be appealed at the Supreme Court.

Gay rights activists also argue the law, framed in 1861, was an impediment in fighting against HIV/AIDS because many homosexuals refuse to come out in the open fearing harassment by authorities.

“Consensual sex amongst adults is legal which includes even gay sex and sex among the same sexes,” said a two-judge bench of the court. The verdict said the current law will apply in the event of sex without consent.

Petitions to change the 1861 law have so far been firmly rejected by the government but there has been some softening up on the stand in recent years, with officials saying the possibility of revoking the ban was being discussed.

Today’s court verdict came after nine years of legal proceedings initiated by India’s gay groups.

Under the current law, homosexual sex is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. — Reuters

(MY037) Check it out : Who is the top highest earning actress

NEW YORK, July 2 — Angelina Jolie is Hollywood’s top earning actress, banking US$27 million (RM94.6 million) in the past year to beat out her partner Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who raked in US$25 million, a study showed yesterday.

Most of Jolie’s income came from her share of the profits from her action film “Wanted”, but she was also paid a large upfront sum for her role in “Salt”, the study said. Jolie and Pitt have six children.

Aniston, who was married to Pitt before he became involved with Jolie, earned most of her millions from the romantic comedy “Marley and Me” and her upcoming film “The Baster”.

“Aniston also still earns money from (reruns of TV series) Friends and she gets a nice paycheck shilling for Glaceau’s SmartWater,” said.

Meryl Streep came in at No. 3 with US$24 million, most of which came from her role in “Mamma Mia”, while Sarah Jessica Parker was ranked fourth with US$23 million in earnings following the movie version of TV series “Sex and the City”.

Cameron Diaz rounds out the top five, banking US$20 million between June 2008 and June 2009. said it spoke to agents, managers, producers and lawyers to work out what actresses were paid upfront for movies they are currently shooting and what pay they might have earned after a movie hit the theatres. Money earned from perfume or clothing lines was also taken into account.

“As is still typical for Hollywood, our actresses earned significantly less than their male counterparts,” said, pointing out that the top earning male actor, Harrison Ford, made US$65 million.

The full list can be seen at — Reuters

(MY036) Singaporeans are spending again

SINGAPORE, July 2 — Singaporeans are getting more optimistic about the future, with fewer planning to cut back on their spending, a survey has shown.

The latest MasterCard Worldwide survey on the purchasing priorities of 401 consumers here found 41 per cent would cut back on discretionary spending in the next six months.

This was in contrast to the previous survey conducted in September last year — when the world financial system began its plunge — which found 64 per cent were going to spend less over a one-year period.

Priorities have shifted a little too.

Singaporeans are still making dining and entertainment a top priority.

However, in second place, perhaps reflecting the effect of retailers' price-slashing, is fashion and accessories, replacing fitness and wellness.

Personal travel remained in third place.

The melting of unease is somewhat in line with recent economic data from the Department of Statistics, which showed that Singaporeans have started spending more on smaller-ticket items such as food and clothes.

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(MY034) Just for laugh...

From mylife

(MY033) Detainees riot at Semenyih immigration camp

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 – A riot broke out at the Semenyih Immigration camp near Kajang about 8pm involving 30 Bangladeshi, Indonesian and Myanmar detainees.

In the incident, the illegal immigrants broke the walls of their rooms.

Kajang police district chief ACP Shakarudin Che Mood said swift action by Immigration personnel brought the situation under control and stopped the disturbance from spreading.

He said no one was injured and early investigation revealed that the riot stemmed from dissatisfaction among the detainees involved over being transferred to another camp.

He added that investigation papers in the case will be handed over to the Immigration Department to determine the actual cause of the riot and allegations that detainees had escaped.

Bernama saw a truck load of Federal Reserve Unit personnel and four empty trucks at the scene. – Bernama