Monday, August 10, 2009

(MY108) How Can You Participate And Become Nogold Super Star (RM10k can be yours)

r u hav a gut to record what u r singing then upload ur video to youtube??? if yes then u should try this Nogold Super Star..there's lot of money they are offer to the winner..just take a look at the poster below then u can find how much can u win..rm10k???? (if u win the final) can u believe it??? it just a simple step to participate..

1st step : snap a video while u r singing (even while u r in a toilet but pleaseee with full set of clothes)
2nd step : upload to youtube
3rd step : register ur ID at (if u r still did'nt register as NG member)
4th step : submit ur video url.
5th step : join the community to introduce ur self in order for them to know about u (they hav to know u if u want their vote)
6th step : just cross ur finger till end of month to know if u are the top 3..

here are the Month of June Winner...

1st Place

2nd Runner up

3rd Place

here are the Month of July Winner...

1st Place

2nd Runner up

3rd Place

congratulation to the monthly winner..
for the 1st place the prize is RM500
for the 2nd place the prize is RM300
for the 3rd place the prize is RM100

for detail you can check
so anyone interested to participated can send your check the weekly top 5 of NG superstar just click here...Carta Top 5 NG Superstar Untuk Minggu Ini


  1. ni apo bahase inggeris nih... den x paham sepatah apo pong

  2. dengar lagu je dah la..

    akay @ emmy

  3. waaaaaaaaaa ada trade baru ye

  4. adoi ramai la mr/mss anon xde nama ni..camne aku nak tau sapa yang melawat ni..